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Accounting is an important process that has a great influence on the performance and development of the business. Therefore, all companies need to have accounting system established in accordance with the law from the early days. Maintaining and operating a professional accounting system requires a high level of human capital and a high cost of ownership. This has caused great obstacles for newly established small and medium enterprises in organizing the accounting apparatus. Understanding that, and to help businesses peace of mind with accounting activities, S4B was established to solve these difficulties for businesses.
The provisions of accounting law: Accounting is the collection, processing, examination, analysis and supply of economic and financial information in the form of value, kind and time of labor. Thus, it can be understood that accounting firms are enterprises providing accounting services such as accounting consultancy, tax consultancy, collection, examination and processing of economic and financial information for enterprise.
An accounting company must meet the general conditions when establishing a company, such as a condition of naming it not identical or misleading to a previously registered enterprise; The accounting service company must have a clear office address, which is under the lawful use of accounting services; organizations and individuals contributing capital to establish accounting services are not banned from participating in the establishment and management of enterprises.
Accounting service is a conditional occupation of practicing certificate, although the establishment of an accounting company in the application file for the establishment of an accounting service company is not required to be attached to the practicing certificate. The operation of an accounting company must satisfy the following conditions:
- Organizations and individuals that fully meet the conditions prescribed by law have the right to practice accountancy.
- Organizations providing accounting services must set up accounting service enterprises in accordance with the provisions of law. Managers of accounting service enterprises must have accounting practicing certificates issued by competent state agencies.
- Individuals practicing accountancy must have an accounting practicing certificate issued by a competent state agency and must register for accounting service business.
The legal representative of the accounting company or the authorized person conducting the procedures for the establishment of the accounting service company will submit the dossier for establishment of the accounting service company to the business registration office under the planning office. Investing in where the accounting company has its head office. Within 3 working days after receiving the complete dossier for registration of the establishment of a valid accounting service company, the business registration office shall issue a certificate of enterprise registration with an accountancy company.
With top professional accounting professionals and quality assurance staff and all the enthusiasm and dedication of the staffs of our company, we have been providing the best package tax accounting packages that bring satisfaction to the business. S4B is committed to helping you with accounting issues and the great services we provide that will give people the best possible service. If you want to question about our service, let’s contact with our company- S4B to be helped and advised carefully.
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Update : 29-11-2018


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