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Sapa travel experience is self-sufficient or travel is your luggage need to be neat and only need the necessary items. What do you need for a trip to Sapa? Vietlike Travel will help you answer that
About clothes, costumes. Depending on the season you prepare clothes to suit the climate. If you're in the summer, you can just have the jacket just right. If it is winter, Sapa is very cold, even snow, so you have to have warm clothes, wool scarf, wool cap, gloves ... can fight the cold bone here.
If you are traveling, you will probably have to travel the country. As you know, the terrain of sapa is mostly sloping, hilly and should be a pair of sports shoes fit, comfortable is the smart choice. They not only help you feel more comfortable walking, but sometimes help to keep you safe.
Personal items such as glasses, masks, towels, safety gear ... are also essential. These will help protect your health as you go through the long journey. In addition, personal items such as face towels, toothbrushes, toothpaste ... you should also carry.
Sapa has long been known as a land for mountain lovers
Sapa has long been known as a land for mountain lovers
And of course, phones, chargers, camcorders, camcorders, sneakers ... are considered as "indifferent" to record the memorable moments when you travel sapa self.
Sapa travel experience is self-sufficient for the preparation of luggage, bring snacks to energize the stops on the road. Some candy, milk, ... do not occupy much space in your inventory.
The first is spring, when the hills are full of peach blossom, apricot blossom, flowers ... The spring beauty of the high mountains in North Vietnam has been countless pages of newspapers in and outside the country praised. So spring is the busiest time of the year. Not only that, but also the spring season. However, in recent years, the weather has changed so the time of flowering of these flowers is not fixed, so you regularly follow the weather to choose the right time for yourself. February to April is the best time.
In the summer, the weather in Sapa is still cool so you can come here to avoid the heat. Moreover, the summer is the plum picking, peach ... Picking plums is a very fun feeling. The summer is also the time when the new transplanted plating on terraced fields. The sudden rains in the summer also make the travel experience more self-sufficiency excitement.
In a tropical country like ours, snow seems to be a luxury. But in sapa, the winter, the snow falling off the roads, creating a beautiful sight to the surprise. The cold under 5 degrees that are together sitting on the fire with friends enjoy the pot of hot pot, skewers smothered smoke smoke ... what is equal. However, if you intend to ride a motorcycle from the plains to the sapa this season, think again about the danger, the fog and the slippery road.
As a self-sufficient travel experience, the homestay is a great choice for your Vietnam Homestay Travel to experience the cultural space and activities of ethnic minority people in the highlands. Moreover, this service is the same way that you save the cost of the trip.
However, you can choose at the hotel because the accommodation here is quite developed and the room price is quite reasonable. Accommodation system is divided into three areas: the area near the lake, Cau May - Muong Hoa area, the center of the town. Hotel room rates can fluctuate and vary between weekdays and public holidays.
For food, sapa is famous for vegetables in the cold country such as chayote, cauliflower, cauliflower, ... Have come here, you should try to boiled spicy or fried rice with garlic. In the evening, the weather is cold or in the winter freezing cold, sip cider liquor with pork armpits with brothers "not to say". Or you can take a bbq walk to enjoy the "buffle" of baked goods and drink cassava lung.
Food at sapa is not expensive but you should ask price before eating.
Wanting to become a player requires a lot of factors but experience and most important. Hopefully, the sapa travel experience above will give you a fun and safe trip!
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Update : 29-12-2017


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