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Saigon is a young, dynamic city of Vietnam. Anyone who has traveled Saigon is dedicated to Saigon passionate passionate, eager in the way of each person. Saigon has a modern beauty in the center of the city, with the quietness of old streets. The life of Saigon in a hurry, rush but also peaceful, peaceful!


Previously, Binh Dong wharf was the common name of Tran Van Kieu (District 6) and Binh Dong Wharf (District 8). This is an important part of Cholon established by the Chinese from Cu Lao Pho in 1778. But today, due to the division of boundaries between localities for easy management, District 8 along the Tau Hu canal.

Ben Binh Dong is nostalgic in the heart of Saigon, bearing bold cultural characteristics of the United States, bearing the stamp of bustling economic activity "on the wharf under the boat" and where there is cross-cultural ant East-West architecture. Tourists Saigon to enjoy the quiet moment Binh Dong wharf nhé!

Living life, trading on boats floating Binh Dong busy, crowded at no less than the West floating market floating water. In the days of the Lunar New Year, dozens of boats, boats carrying flowers to the area of ​​Binh Dong wharf contributed to decorate the bright colors, sparkling for the spring to come back. Visitors will have the opportunity to travel in Saigon this time will feel love and enjoy before the image of Saigon show off this brilliant.

In addition, the architecture along the Huu canal is a mix of ancient houses and modern box houses. The old houses are gradually replaced but still left some old soul of Saigon more than 300 years old.

Saigon is just one of the places you could visit on your tailor-made trip to Vietnam
Saigon is just one of the places you could visit on your tailor-made trip to Vietnam

Saigon is increasingly modern, dynamic development to race with the new pace of the world, but somewhere in this flashy urban still preserves the color of sad, old soul as Binh Dong. Cultural values ​​and history at Binh Dong wharf need to be preserved and preserved so that Saigon always has ancient beauty.


In the area of ​​Van Don wharf, Nha Rong wharf is the ideal Saigon tourist destination for most domestic and foreign tourists to learn about the country's historic milestone. Besides, Cau Dua canal - Van Don wharf is another image of Sai Gon flower.

Rach Cau Dua - a place in Van Don wharf area will make visitors surprised and emotional in front of poor neighborhood in District 4. Surrounding Cau Dua canal more than 1km are small houses are shattered wood rot, corrugated iron roof, ... that people here often called the floor.

The bustling Saigon is so bustling, but in Cau Dua canals there are always sad images, hard hardships of people. When you have the opportunity to find this area, you will see the old pictures of Saigon with the canals somewhere in the neighborhood. It is also a rustic feature, typical of the districts of Saigon.

In the project of Saigon Makeover, young people - young generations have brightly colored for Cau Dua canal - Van Don wharf. This place is put on the color of the color, the space is blown into the new wind, vitality, contributing to the beauty of Saigon.


Nhieu Loc Canal runs through 5 districts (District 1, 3, Phu Nhuan, Binh Thanh and Tan Binh) in Saigon. The Nhieu Loc canal comes from a sluice gate of a primary school in Tan Binh district and encompasses about 8.7km to the Ba Son gate to the Saigon River. At the same time, when traveling through Saigon Nhieu Loc canal you will admire about 24 bridges across the canal, each bridge is designed and constructed with very specific features.

Today, visitors to Saigon tourist will be able to see the beautiful canal Nhieu Loc bending around Saigon. At the same time, the canals are designed, invested with thousands of green trees, stone seats contribute to environmentally friendly, enabling people to exercise morning and chat, welding each afternoon.

Nhieu Loc channel is increasingly restored, bringing beautiful green scenery, clean beautiful for Saigon. Nhieu Loc channel today and tomorrow will need the hands of all people to unite, join hands to protect the most beautiful ecological canals of Saigon.

4. Ho Con Rua

Ho Con Rua is officially known as International School, is the intersection of three roads: Pham Ngoc Thach, Vo Van Tan and Tran Cao Van. Ho Con Tortoise is a place with many historical marks over time, experienced many anecdotes from the feudal Nguyen Dynasty, French colonialism, the Democratic Republic of Vietnam and survive to this day.

The construction in this roundabout was the International Aid Monument for South Vietnam before 1975. The tallest tower in the center of the lake is the stylized symbol of the fingers receiving aid. In the past, at Turtle Lake, there was a turtle pedestal made of thin bronze leaves at the side of the beer to thank the donated countries. But today, the image of turtles is no longer, so many people nostalgic.

Ho Con Tortoise is the ideal place to meet, chat with young people and people of Saigon. In the afternoon, the Turtle Lake again bustling cars, passersby, the shop around the lake again busy buyers who sell.

In addition, Lake Turtle is an endless source of inspiration in many projects of students, young people. They devote to the Tortoise Lake passionate passion, passionate in their youthful, dynamic vitality.

Come to Saigon, Saigon tourism you should spend less time strolling, chat with friends at the famous Lake Turtle Sai City. Let's enjoy the peaceful, tranquil moments by the Turtle Lake!


If Hanoi is famous for lemon tea, Da Lat is warm with hot cups of soy milk, coffee is a cultural feature indispensable characteristics of the people of Saigon. Interesting coffee spots are attached to many famous places such as Han Thuyen park - park 30.4, park 23.9, Church of Notre Dame, Tortoise lake, ...

With saigon day tours, visitors will see the modern, class of Saigon subdued in the restaurant, coffee shop luxury, luxury and expensive. Besides, you can also mix in the heart of Saigon with coffee. Young people usually follow the large group, not just those who sit alone and foreign delegations sit and sip a cup of coffee.

At any point during the day, coffee is always attractive. Waterfalls, snack foods, street vendors have many items, all kinds of food, drinks for you to choose. Baking is not just a cup of coffee, you can enjoy a lot of other street food with the sound of the guitar, the lively singing and the drum sound resonating from the collective activities of the vitality of life. young class

Let's try a fresh air, fresh air, forget the rhythm of life in Saigon you nhé! Brewed coffee is the place to keep the mind of people and will always be a living culture of the people of Saigon.


The Saigon Tunnel, also known as Thu Thiem Tunnel, is a tunnel crossing the Saigon River and also an important item in the East-West Highway project with a total length of 1490m. The tunnel was started construction in 2004. After 7 years, on 21.11.2011, Thu Thiem tunnel was officially opened and put into use.

Thu Thiem Tunnel is a new step for Saigon in the urbanization of the earth. With advanced technology from Japan, the tunnel of the Saigon River is considered one of the best tunnels in Southeast Asia.

Thu Thiem cemetery was set up new clothes for Thu Thiem area, District 2 in particular and Saigon in general. This tunnel operated to relieve pressure on the Saigon Bridge, shortening the time from the city center to the western provinces - the East, creating the basis of promoting inter-provincial trade and favorable for tourists. Saigon.

The Saigon River Tunnel is the pride of the Saigon people. Do not forget to explore Saigon Thu Thiem tunnel, crossing the 1490m road under the Saigon River nhé!


Walking around the center of Saigon, you will have the opportunity to admire many high-rise buildings, modern buildings. Among them, Bitexco Financial Building is the tallest building in Saigon and the second tallest in Vietnam (after Keang Hanoi Landmark).

The building was built not only for high altitude, but also for looking after and sophisticated, Saigon tourist would have seen the building as a towering tower. The Bitex image of the lotus bud is a slender and elegant figure, a symbol of purity, optimism and forward-looking, constantly rising.

Besides, the smooth curves of the soft and flexible of this building also evoke the image of girls dressed in traditional ao dai. Also, when viewed from the helicopter landing stage from the ground floor, the image of the traditional conical hat is also visible.

Bitexco Financial building with unique architecture designed by the architect Carlos Zapata will always be a symbol of Vietnamese culture is subtle integration. Travel Saigon, visitors do not forget to admire this Bitexco building!


Coming to Saigon, tourists not only see the line of motorbikes, cars bustling back and forth, but also pictures of the blue buses together with traffic on the street. Saigon has over 110 bus routes, appearing mostly in large streets in the suburbs.

Buses serve all kinds of people from local people to international visitors. Bus is the familiar image of young students. You can go to many places in the city by bus, no need to worry about street dust, traffic accidents, ...

Travel to Saigon, you try to experience the journey of Saigon with the public transport - bus nhé!


Traveling to Saigon, you will encounter friendly images, close to the modern city. Saigon has changed over the years, Saigon has always changed to fit into the life development every day, Saigon dynamic, youthful. But when traveling to Saigon, you explore the private, quiet corner of Saigon where no place to be, to see that, Saigon still holds their own ancient soul.

The young generation is the freshest young shoots of the country, where they are always full of life and unique ideas - creativity. In the Sai Gon - Saigon Beauty Makeover project, we will see Saigon in new and meaningful ways.

Besides, this project is also the place where the aspirations, dreams and aspirations of young people to Sai Gon are increasingly beautiful. Hopefully in the near future, when Saigon tourism we will be seeing new colorful corner from the ideas of the Saigon Makeover project.

 In all the more modern, clean streets like Nguyen Van Linh, Vo Van Kiet, East-West Boulevard will have the opportunity to put on the shirt romantic, romantic and brilliant as the design of the young. .

Every young person living in Saigon will have a look, feel Saigon through the lens of their own. Somewhere in the corners of Saigon street burst into new vitality, fierce, fresh and colorful.

Friendly Saigon will always welcome visitors from all over the country, international travelers to Saigon. Take your bags back and make a trip to Saigon!

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Update : 10-12-2018


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