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the year of any animal in China

how b b b ironic. the year of any animal in China... but esp dogs. i left FB 2 yrs ago - gingerly back on now - as there was so so much and i ended up just having a rant everytime on line. but i still maintain 2yrs + on - that until there is some i don['t know scientific change in the make up of the Chinese (and Greeks, and Koreans, Spanish, Vietnamese, .... ) a change in their BRAINS as to what is regarded NORMAL human beings - they i doubt will change and more animals from turtles to dogs will suffer. i really truly believe that they (i.e. races above) are born with something missing. Sub humans. Quite frankly would relish another tsunami to wipe all these countries out - for good. Save on the perfect presents and stocking stuffers for the entire family here.
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Update : 03-01-2018


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