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Burma now has a growing number of ATMs in major urban centres, but in rural areas and smaller towns there are none, so plan accordingly. First, you need to plan how much money you are going to bring. A decent estimate for a budget traveler is around $40 per day per ...
First things first: you need to get a tourist visa before you arrive. Don't believe the "visa on arrival" signs, as the programme doesn't exist in the way you think it would. Yes, you can get a "visa on arrival", but you have to arrange for that ...
Thailand has pad thai and tom yam; Vietnam is known for pho; so what dish puts Burma on the culinary world map? With a wide range of cultures and ethnic groups all living in the same area plus a history of being colonised, food in Burma is sometimes hard to pin down ...
Burmese food can be placed into three broad categories: Chinese, Indian and Bamar, or ethnic Burmese. The Indian offerings will be familiar to most people whether or not they have ever visited India, while many of the Chinese dishes, especially those found in hotels ...
The week-long Nat Pwe in Taungbyone is the largest spirit festival in Burma (Myanmar), with tens of thousands of people attending the week-long celebrations around the full moon in August. They come from far and wide to pay tribute to two of the widest known Burmese ...
You’ll maybe even notice thanaka paste on your way into Yangon from the airport. The beige-yellow splodges, swirls and spots on cheeks and foreheads means one thing: you can only be in Burma..

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